Jurisedge has launched Jurisedge Journal of Juridical Research (JJJR) which is published bi-annually. It has already published Vol. 1 Issue 1 in April, 2017.

The Jurisedge Journal of Juridical Research (JJJR) is an effort to address contemporary issues that have national, regional and international importance.

It provides a platform to practitioners, academicians and students for discussing, critically examining and providing solutions of the contemporary issues.

The Journal  publishes original scholarly work they can be in the form of articles, short notes, comments and book reviews.

JJJR does not advocate or solicit for Pay-for-Publication techniques.

Editor- in -Chief

The journal requires Editor-in- Chief who can guide the journal for its further development. Probably, someone who has prior editing experience will be suitable for the position.

Senior Editors

The journal requires students pursuing Masters or those who have completed Post-Graduation as Senior Editors. Both Editors and Senior Editors will be required to edit 30 – 40 pages per six months.

Associate Editors

4th yr & 5th yr students of Integrated 5 year Law Course or  2nd & 3rd yr students of 3-year Law Programme.

Assistant Editors

1st year, 2nd year & 3rd year students of Integrated 5 year Law Course or 1st year students of 3-year Law Programme.

Applications for the Advisory Council

The journal calls for applications for the Advisory Council of the Journal. The Advisory Council has following positions vacant as of now

  1. a) Honorary Members, Advisory Council – Faculty Members/Professionals with experience over 6 years
  2. b) Members, Advisory Council – Faculty Members/ Professionals

Duration of Membership: Till publication of 2 issues of journal.

None of the Positions are paid.

 Responsibility for the Editors

Editor(s) will be tasked primarily with the job of reviewing the article, checking the quality and plagiarism (if any) and prepare the review report on the same. Also, they shall also be given the job of sending invites and managing account of the journal.

The focus should be given to the grammar as well as the relevance of the article being reviewed as to the present public policy and legal issues.

Editorial Board is particular about the deadline given and expects the applicant to adhere to the same while he/she promotes the Journal personally.

He/she shouldn’t disclose the abstracts/Articles provided to them by the Board for the review.

Call for Editors:

All members applying for any positions are requested to send their CVs to [email protected] for the constitution of a proper Editorial Board of the Journal.